it's collaboration of uncompromising and hungry artists from every side.
originally we have been a part of our Father company -
we have absorbed the doctrines of our parents and their methodology of product perception.
we defined a mission for ourselves - to create unceremoniousness in the market, to be outsiders for our competitors and to make you question your view of the final product.
we believe that the doubt - the only path to a product that is better than the ideal.
we are moscow based agency
we are design/marketing consultants based in moscow.
we create products sometimes.
we like art releated projects - exhibitions, museums, painters, non profit organizations e.t.c

side projects
sometimes we do uncanvential art/media projects
now we starting "94", concidering clothing brand/shop and we collect surveys about stuff
if you need something from us or you want to subscribe to our - you can write on our email, telegram profile, or go to the "terms & pricing" and fill the survey about your needs